Pro II banks feature a flush sewn in front screen, meaning that front diffusion is the leading edge of the lightbank. This design is unique to Chimera’s Pro II line and offers a number of advantages for certain types of lighting.

Most visibly, Pro II lightbanks offer a clean reflection in shiny objects along the edge of the lightbank. This is desirable when shooting chrome, glass, or other reflective objects.

Because there is no recess or front cowling of the front screen, Pro II’s tend to have a more graduated fall off and wrap. This means that the light output from a Pro II compared to a Super Pro X in the same size, will have a more spread across the scene.

Like Pro X lightbanks, Pro II’s have a removable inner baffle to vary the diffusion level of the lightbank. We recommend using it if an evenly illuminated front screen is desired.

For that same reason, Pro II lightbanks are only available with a white interior, which while typically slightly less reflective than silver, ensures a soft and even light output.

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