Chimera Lighting is proud to introduce three new modifiers for the Aputure Nova P600c!

Jan 10, 2022

The Small POP Bank for Aputure Nova P600c attaches directly to the fixture without the need for a Speed Ring or bracket. This POP bank includes full & half Chimera Cloth screen and is packed in a compact messenger sack.

The Medium Lightbank for Aputure Nova P600c utilizes frame and pole construction and delivers beautiful smooth even light. It includes a frame, internal baffle, full & half Chimera Cloth screens, and is packed in a zippered storage sack.

The Octa 5 for Aputure Nova P600c delivers broad and even illumination from the 5-foot octagonal front screen using an efficient soft silver interior and weighted baffle. This kit includes full and half Chimera Cloth front screen and center-weighted inner baffle packed in a storage sack.

About Chimera Lighting: CHIMERA has been providing high quality light modifing products to the motion picture, video and still photography community worldwide since 1980. Chimera products are lightweight and portable and can turn your hard light into a beautiful broad, diffused light source within minutes. Chimera products include Lightbanks, Strip Banks, Mini and Maxi Banks, OctaPlus Banks, Panels and Frames, Lanterns, and Speed Rings.