16″X16″ Window Holder For 24″ X 24″ (61 cm X 61 cm) Frame


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Chimera Window Patterns are a portable and versatile system for creating unique and eye-catching light patterns. With 18 different pattern options, the quality and shape of the shadow can be varied by adjusting light and pattern placement. Patterns attach to Chimera’s innovative Panel Frames with a collapsible fabric Pattern Holder, and assemble in seconds.


  • Accepts 16x16” Window Patterns (not included)
  • Collapsible Fabric Design
  • Attaches to 24x24” Panel Frame (not included)


  • 1 - 16x16" Window Pattern Holder for 24x24" Panel Frames (5040)


  • Dimensions: 24" x 24" / 610 x 610mm