LightBank for ARRI SkyPanel S120


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Chimera Lightbanks are the industry standard for continuous lighting Low-temp/LED fixtures. Chosen by lighting professionals worldwide, this Lightbank offers durable quality and immense versatility when it comes to shaping light. Optional, collapsible Fabric Grids, Fabric Barndoors, interchangeable screens, and metal honeycomb grids all offer you the ability to shape light to a wide variety of qualities. ARRI # L2.0013180 Chimera Lightbank for S120


  • Durable construction
  • Silver interior for maximized efficiency
  • Removable front screen and inner baffle
  • Compatibility with a wide range of accessory fabric grids, front screens, barn doors, and metal honeycombs.
  • Handcrafted in Colorado, USA from proprietary textiles


  • Lightbank Body with Support Poles
  • Full Diffusion Front Screen (-1.4 stops)
  • 1/2-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.7 stops)
  • 1/4-Grid Diffusion Front Screen (-0.3 stops)
  • 1/8 Grid Diffusion Inner Baffle
  • Universal Bracket pair
  • Zippered Storage Sack


  • Front Size: 76x54 in / 533x711mm
  • Depth: 20"
  • Interior Color: Silver
  • For use with LED lights only