Skypanel S30 Lantern


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The SkyPanel Lanterns feature beautiful omnidirectional lighting. Chimera lanterns are recognized for their ease of use and this lantern is no different. These lanterns provide easy control when placing light fixtures overhead. The included skirt easily attaches to enable control over the bean and spill. The skirt can be rolled up or down using the zippers and Velcro on all four sides to vary the beam spread from an omnidirectional source. ARRI # L2.0015899



  • Spherical design for omnidirectional light
  • Optimized design for SkyPanel S30
  • Includes adjustable skirt to control light direction
  • Handcrafted in Colorado, USA with proprietary textiles


  • Lantern - 22x20-1/4x14" (559x514x356 mm)
  • Pole Assembly
  • Lantern Skirt kit - 4 sides
  • SkyPanel Universal Bracket Pair
  • Storage Sack